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4 Generations of Love

I believe that things happen for a reason, in all areas of our lives. That there is no such thing as coincidence and that when you leave your hands open, good things will be put into them! All of those things were proven true to me when I met the lovely Haggerty family for a very meaningful Four Generation family portrait. But first, we need to start with this little bundle of cuteness and the girls who love him!Sandi Shipley Photography familiesCould this family be any better looking? My goodness. Every single one of them. And the nicest group you could ever meet. Love this set!Sandi Shipley Photography familiesThese two are engaged. He liked it so he put a ring on it… (Sing along with me…)
Sandi Shipley Photography familiesIt’s a rough life being the girl, isn’t it? Isn’t she the cutest? Plus all these great BOYS! Hamming it up for me and playing together. Have I mentioned how very much I love my job?! Sandi Shipley Photography familiesI grew up with a ton of cousins. I remember getting together for family parties. Laughing with my cousins, being silly, goofing around together. I loved seeing it play out in this group. The laughter was contagious!Sandi Shipley Photography familiesThis man right here. The Birthday boy and patriarch of this beautiful family. He was the reason they all came together on a beautiful sunny afternoon. We met in his backyard for pictures. It was the weekend before Superbowl and we joked and laughed about our favorite teams. Mine…the Cowboys. I know, don’t judge. And his, well, NOT the Cowboys. I only had the chance to spend an hour or so with him but I came away feeling like I knew a part of him. He reminded me of my dad. And it was such a beautiful thing to see these generations come together, their palpable love for him and each other. It blessed me like crazy. Sandi Shipley Photography familiesI am sad to say that shortly after this session, his health declined rapidly and he never recovered. He passed away in the weeks after we got together for pictures. It still makes me tear up, the significance of these images. This is why I do what I do. Why I LOVE what I do and what a gift it was to me to be invited into to this season with them. It has taken me a while to be able to post these images, mostly because I was incredibly touched by this group of once strangers and the timing of our session. I love that all the grandkids have these images as an heirloom. Love that I got to meet him, just for a short, short time.

I am as tough as a toasted marshmallow. Really, it is true. But go hug your loved ones, cherish the time you have together and don’t forget to print out those images so you can pass them down for generations!

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