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Ally | Team17 Senior Girls | Sunnyslope High School

“Laughter is something that makes me feel beautiful”, Ally told me,  “I believe that beauty is an expression of one’s character in their heart, rather than one’s external appearances. I love seeing the raw emotion of someone who is laughing because it shows that they are genuinely happy!” Ally is just such a sweet girl, always smiling! In fact, today is her birthday, so it makes me ecstatic to introduce her today. She’s attending Sunnyslope High School, where she is a member of the vocal ensemble, treasurer of the swim club, and is on the Varsity swim team. She also finds time to volunteer at the local bird rescue, and she works part time in the summers as a lifeguard and swim teacher…something I bet she is amazing at, given her always-present smile! “I’d say my biggest accomplishment in high school is making the vocal ensemble during my junior year”, she explained,”My future goal is to attend college, and receive my degree in marine biology or astrophysics. I really want to use my knowledge to improve the earth we live on.”

Her cute personality also came through in her outfits. I loved her look for this mini shoot; the pretty florals are just about perfect! Ally says her friends would probably describe her as “outgoing, a team player, kind and caring, and hardworking”, and says her personal style is casual and comfortable. Although she says her daily look includes dark neutrals and Birkenstocks, she also loves getting glammed up!

“I joined the SSP Team17 because I want to create lasting friendships with fellow senior girls in my community, and to spread confidence to other young women in my community showing them that they are beautiful… no matter what flaws that they believe that they have, and that they deserve the most genuine happiness in life!” -Ally

Sandi Shipley Seniors AllySandi Shipley Seniors AllyAllyson, Sunnyslope High School

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