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Alyse | BFF Session Class of 2015

There are a  lot of things about High School that I just do not miss. The early mornings and all day classes. The homework and stress of getting everything done. The group projects and PE class. Ummm, no thanks!

But there are some other things that I loved deeply and do miss like crazy. Roller Skate parties (Couples Skate anyone? Is that even a thing anymore??), dances, off campus lunches at the beach and passing notes in the hallways. Cute boys and hanging with your girls. Some things have changed so much. But others will always be the same. Do you remember your best friends? The laughing and staying up late together. Planning, dreaming, hoping. There is nothing like your BFF’s from High School! And since Senior year would just not be complete without pictures  with their BFFs, I got together with Alyse and two of her besties for some sweet shots together.

Alyse was one of my first Seniors for the Class of 2015! You can see her session hereSandi Shipley Photography BFF
Sandi_Shipley_photography_Seniors_phoenix_aLYSE_BFF_02I loved their laughter. The best! Ahhhh, what great memories. We shot these in my backyard, just hanging out, telling jokes and having fun. Loved every minute!Sandi_Shipley_photography_Seniors_phoenix_aLYSE_BFF_03

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