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Anne-Marie | Team17 Spokesmodel | Arizona Senior Photographer

I feel beautiful when others feel beautiful because of me.
Seeing someone laugh because of a joke I told or smile and light up because
of a compliment I give makes me feel beautiful.
Helping others find the light within themselves also helps me see my own light.

When I ask each spokesmodel why they chose to represent me, or to be part of my team, I often hear the word “community”. That’s a word Anne-Marie wrote down on her application, and I love that it rings true for all my seniors. There is an instant camaraderie that my team builds with each other that is really just beautiful. In an age rampant with so much heartless bullying, it gives me hope to know that these seniors truly rally around each other and have each other’s back. Anne-Marie is graduating from Heritage Academy (Mesa Campus), and is just such a sweetheart. She is a stellar student, who says her academics are what she is most proud of so far. In her extracurriculars, she absolutely loves being part of drama and choir pursuits, adding that her “favorite thing in the entire word is musical theatre. I’ve been involved in musicals since I was 10. From my very first role as Pepper in Annie, I was hooked.” She’s currently in Honors Drama, and preparing for her next performances.

“One my biggest influences in my best friend’s mom, who owns a performing arts studio, where I grew up taking classes. She showed me what an amazing impact it can have on a life, and I want to open my own studio to teach kids the freedom that comes through dance and song”, she explained, “After high school, I hope to get my bachelor’s degree with a major in theatre and a minor in business.” Anne-Marie says her personal style is fairly casual and cute, and laughingly says she is “forever trying to achieve that effortless slightly messy hairstyle!” Her casual-but-cute striped ringer tee was just right for her little shoot, and suited her fun, outgoing personality. Anne-Marie is beautiful, and exudes joy and happiness, something she attributes to her strong faith, “I am very religious and believe in miracles! Without my faith, I wouldn’t have been able to get through some of the hardest times in my life”.

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