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Anne | Sunnyslope High School Senior | Arizona Photographer

As part of my incredible senior Team17, Anne has just been a delight to get to know. She nearly always has a big smile, and is ready to pitch in and help wherever needed. “I want my classmates to remember me as someone who was kind and hardworking, but also fun and outgoing”, explains the Sunnyslope grad, “I have loved being part of Team17, because I have met a group of girls who are so friendly, and genuine.” She adds that her personal hero is her dad, and says, “He’s an extremely hardworking individual that would do anything to please the people he loves. I aspire to be as caring and kind as my dad to everyone I meet.”

Senior year has been something she has been looking forward to for most of time in high school, and she says the most exciting part has been her recent college search. She has been looking and visiting lots of colleges and different career paths, and hopes to major in biology and pre-med to become a pediatrician. Anne is passionate about working with children, and loves biology, so she feels this will be an ideal fit. We headed to find some pretty florals for her senior session, and found lots of beautiful locations to highlight her fun and carefree fashion sense. Her classic, feminine dresses in both black and white were a great choice of this sweet girl!

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