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Barbara | Class of 2017 Seniors | Phoenix and Scottsdale Photographer

Nothing greets those warmer temps better than a senior shoot with plenty of sunlight! I was thrilled when the sun came out to greet us with the perfect golden hue, just for Barbara’s senior session. And, she had the best retro-inspired style (think Modcloth) that still looked modern and fresh. I adored her nautical dress, and the fifties-style polka dots. Her personal style was only matched by her sweet heart, and generous, giving character qualities. “My personal hero is my mom, who went back to school while juggling work and a family. I’m really proud of her, and I really hope my classmates remember me as someone with a positive attitude”, she explains, “And I hope they remember all the memories we shared.”

Barbara is a senior at Sunnyslope High School, and was part of my SSP Team17. She says, “My favorite part of being on your spokesmodel team was enjoying the time with these friends, and capturing unforgettable moments on camera.” Having looked forward to senior year for quite a while now, she adds, “Finally being a senior means being at the top of the ‘ladder’ and being able to decide on my future, even though that can be scary!” So far, she has cemented plans to attend ASU, and study conservation biology, adding, “I chose this field and school because I can stay close to my friends and family, and eventually, I hope to work for Arizona Game and Fish”.

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