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BFF Session with Mikayla | Arizona Senior Photography

One of the many perks of being a SSP Spokesmodel is getting to gather up your besties for a BFF session! Senior Mikayla chose to invite Alisa and Michaela, all hailing from Xavier College Prep. Each girl wore a pretty jewel-toned tee to start with, giving us such a fun, modern look for the playful shots of them at their “lemonade stand”, and blowing bubbles! They came armed with huge smiles and lots of laughter, and that made this a ton of fun. Their pretty blue-toned dresses were perfect for the clean, urban shots of the skyline, and then we glammed things up with the ever-perfect little black dresses for the downtown shots.

If you’re not a spokesmodel, I have good news for you; you can still get one of these gorgeous shoots with your best friends, too! My BFF session includes one hour of shooting time (plenty of time to snag shots like these), photos of you each individually and together, with two different outfit choices. Each of you will also take home an 8 x 10” print! I think these are awesome sessions, because the friends you make in high school are so special…why not document them today?





One of the perks of being a SSP Spokesmodel is they get to bring their Besties together for a BFF session! Mikayla chose to invite Alisa and Michaela, all from Xavier College Prep




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