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Chloe | Senior Team17 | Phoenix Senior Photographer

Chloe thought she would be an amazing addition to my team (LOVE the confidence), and she was RIGHT! I am so glad she thought to join the team. With her striking good looks, gorgeous red hair, and wonderful personality, she was a great fit. Chloe said she loves new experiences, and I can’t wait to reveal her full session here on the blog in the days to come. She will graduate with an impressive 4.92 G.P.A. from Chaparral High School; something she says is her biggest accomplishment. She has taken tons of honors and AP classes, where she has gotten all A’s.

“My friends would describe me as focused, fun, and athletic”, she shared, “I love to travel and spend time with my family.” Besides her academics, she also plays soccer for a traveling soccer team called SC Del Sol, and has committed herself to Bucknell University after graduation. She is also part of the National Charity League, where she pours her time into the community. “If I could travel anywhere”, she added, “I would go back to Haiti. I interned there for Chances for Children, an orphanage, and I miss the kids and want to go back.” I loved hearing her others-centered heart and her desire to better her community and world! Lastly, Chloe says that she loves getting dressed up, since most of her days are filled with athletics.

I had such a fun time with this sweet senior, and continue to be impressed by the caliber of my Team17 this year!


Class of 2017 Spokesmodel ChloeSandi_Shipley_photography__0201

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