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Chloe’s BFF session | Senior Spokesmodels

What do you do when you have eleven besties? Well, you invite them all! One of the fun perks of being on my senior spokesmodel team is that every one of my senior team members get a free BFF session! I believe in building up strong girls, and strong girls are also beautiful friends. There is no better way to celebrate the friendships that have carried you through high school, than to commemorate that with a session. Chloe is wonderful, and each of her friends were as well. She has known some of these girls since the first grade, and it’s clear they share a beautiful bond.

For their outfits, each girl wore white tops and dark pants, and then we did a second part where they all wore their collegiate tops! It was so, so fun to see their personal styles come through, and also to see where they will all end up at college. My BFF sessions are just such a celebratory thing, and they are one of my favorites to shoot. To see more of these fun and enthusiastic shoots (we always do an interesting theme), you can find the galleries HERE.

Chloe, I wish you and all these young women nothing but the best in your futures!

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