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Class of 2018…the search has begun! | Arizona Senior Photographer

On New Years Day 2017, you’ll want to be right HERE!

That’s the day I will be opening the applications for my Class of 2018 spokesmodels! Class of 2018, it’s your turn for the best modern and stylish senior portraits! If you or someone you know is a fun, outgoing high school Junior, I want to hear from you. Maybe you think you’re not the “right fit” for my team, or you think you’re not ‘outgoing’ enough, but I have room for all kinds of girls on my team, and I’d love to find out what makes YOU special.

So, what’s my street team all about? It’s about friendships, community, and relationships. I love watching the bonds between the girls who join my team…they are lasting and they are real. So how can you get in on the action?

  1. If you know a current spokesmodel on my Team17, ask them about their experience, and ask them how you can get EARLY ACCESS to the application!
  2. Fill out my CONTACT FORM and say “Yes, I want to be a Class of 2018 spokesmodel!” and we will send you the application as soon as it opens up!
  3. Stay tuned right HERE on the blog, and on New Year’s Day, I’ll have all the details here. 

Sandi Shipley Photography Team17

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