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Kaitlyn | Spokesmodel | Northwest Christian School

As one of my spokesmodels from Northwest Christian School, Kaitlyn was SO much fun to be around. I couldn’t wait to do her full senior session, and am even more excited to show it off here! As a mom myself, I always appreciate when young women thank and love their moms. Kaitlyn says, “My personal hero is my mom. She has always been there for me in every situation. She is always positive and supportive of everything I do. My mom encourages me to do my best and keeps me on track with my relationship with Christ. She inspires me to strive to be successful and to follow my dreams.” She certainly has some big dreams too; after graduation, she hopes to attend Grand Canyon University to earn her BSN, and eventually, dreams of working as an oncology nurse.
Senior year has held lots of fun for this girl, and she says the best part is the feeling of accomplishment that she has after completing nearly twelve years of school. She formed some beautiful friendships with my other spokesmodels, something that is always an honor and privilege to watch. In addition to being such a smart, fun, and beautiful girl, she is also an accomplished dancer. We finished her session with her pointe shoes, and I was totally in love with the way those came out!
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