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Kaitlyn | Team 17 Spokesmodel | Phoenix Senior Portraits

“I want to be a member of the SSP Team17 because I love the message that
Sandi Shipley is trying to display. It’s not about the “prettiest” girls, it’s about girls with
different lives coming together and sharing experiences and growing close.”
-Kaitlyn, Class of 2017

I love when girls just radiate confidence and joy. There is something really special about that, especially as a young person in high school, where messages about appearance and popularity are coming from all sides. I find I often learn so much from them. Kaitlyn is beautiful, and so wise. I loved what she shared with me about her view of true beauty: “I’m really lucky to be confident in myself and in my body images. I feel beautiful whenever I look in the mirror, and I try to remember that I love myself even when I don’t look like a movie star! Being beautiful isn’t solely a physical thing, even though I love dressing up and looking pretty, like anyone else. But I feel truly beautiful when I remember that I’m myself, which is the best I could ever be.”

This Sunnyslope High School grad is not only smart, she is talented. She made the school’s Vocal Ensemble, and has been performing all year. Kaitlin says singing has also given her great relationships. In addition, she is involved in her school’s theater program, something she hopes will give her practice for college. “One of my biggest goals after high school is to attend a university with a scholarship in hand”, she explains, “I love musical theater and Broadway, so a huge dream of mine lately is to attend NYU and study musical theater there, but if I’m not able to, I’d like to finish college with not only good grades and a degree, but with a great experience”.


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