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Kaitlyn | Team17 Senior Girls | Phoenix Portrait Photographer

This adorable cheerleader is part of my Team17 this year! I love the wide variety of sports and activities that these talented seniors bring to my team, and this gal is not just beautiful, but also an accomplished cheer athlete. She won state with her cheer team last year, and compete in pom and cheer, with her team taking the overall division three title! Besides cheer, she also participates in dance, something she has done since she was just three years old. She also spends plenty of time in her community, as a volunteer at a senior center and animal shelter, as well as an after-school program.

It’s no wonder that Kaitlyn loves spending time with (and helping) people, since her post-graduation goals include getting into a nursing program and becoming a pediatric nurse. She says, “I love helping others, and being a light in someone’s life, even if all I can do is give them my biggest smile or my biggest hug when days get hard. I hope to one day impact the lives of kids who suffer with cancer in the best way possible.” Not surprisingly, her friends would describe her as loyal and kindhearted. She has a beautiful laugh, and says she loves her friends and coffee! She will graduate from Northwest Christian School as part of the Class of 2017, and I can’t wait to share more from her here on the blog!


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