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Maddie | Boho Couture Session

I just love my job so very, very much. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it is to have a vision and see the end results come together. Even better than I had dreamed!! My previous post shared the vision and the behind the scenes of this session. And I am so happy to be able to share the final images! Introducing Maddie. Boho Sun Goddess. Insert happy sigh {HERE}.Sandi Shipley Photography Couture Sandi Shipley Photography Couture We originally had this session scheduled for a day that ended up dark and stormy. We had to reschedule because I really wanted the soft golden light for this Couture session. And I am so glad we did. This day was perfect! Sandi Shipley Photography Couture I can’t even….gahHHHHHH!!!! Sandi Shipley Photography Couture Besides being absolutely stunning, Maddie is one of the most vibrant, fun, interesting people you could meet.  She has a beautiful servants heart and a desire to shine God’s light into the dark places around our world. As I am writing this,  she is currently in Japan on a Mission trip. I am so proud of this girl!Sandi Shipley Photography Couture

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