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Maddie | Class of 2017 Seniors | Arizona Portrait Photographer

In our last post, we talked about STRONG GIRLS and this is one of the gals who comes to mind! Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous, she is an incredible athlete as well. Maddie participates in three sports at Phoenix Country Day School: cheer, swim, and lacrosse, and we were able to incorporate her amazing accomplishments as a swimmer into her session. We were lucky enough to be able to use the Royal Palms Resort and Spa for her shoot, which is located in Phoenix, Arizona. This stunning resort is so luxurious and was the perfect place to showcase all of Maddie’s outfits…let’s be honest, I sort of didn’t want to leave! The spa looked pretty inviting! We had a great time with all the poses and different backdrops that the resort had to offer, and Maddie looked absolutely lovely in each segment of our shoot. I want every single one of my senior clients to feel comfortable enough to be themselves, and if I can achieve that, I believe their true beauty comes shining through! After high school, Maddie would love to attend college to begin her major in kinesiology, and then continue on for her M.D. in sports medicine. I know she will make a wonderful doctor someday, and can’t wait to watch her bright future begin!

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