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Maria | Class of 2017 Spokesmodel | Phoenix Senior Photographer

Maria came across my social media feed, and immediately told me, “I want to be a member of your team because I love what you stand for and the message you send to all the girls who follow you on social media! it would be so exciting to work for you and be on your team!” That made my day! I love that my social channels are encouraging young women to be themselves, and to be confident and happy! Maria is a Sunnyslope High School grad, and says she has overcome negativity about her appearance, so that message resonated with her. She says, “I have learned to be comfortable in my own skin. I used to be self conscious about my appearance, but learned that not caring what others think has helped me feel more beautiful, and has given me confidence.” She says her friends would describe her as sassy, witty, honest, and intelligent, and that she loves coffee, time with loved ones, and dance. She currently plays badminton at Sunnyslope, and previously played softball for a number of years. This busy girl also holds down a part-time job at Phoenix City Grille as a hostess. After high school, she plans to attend college and study forensics or criminal psychology.

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