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Saige | Sunnyslope High School | Arizona Photographer

“The best part of being a senior is that the finish line is in sight”, says Saige excitedly, “All of the stress and excitement of being a student is almost over, which is nerve-wracking, but also comforting in a way. There are so many possibilities for my future, and now, they’re within reach!”  I think her words sum up the feelings of most of my senior clients! I’m so proud of these seniors and all they’ve accomplished. Saige is graduating from Sunnyslope High School, where she aptly represented Sandi Shipley Photography this year as part of my Team17. “I loved feeling like I was part of a team”, she explains, “I’ve never been into sports or clubs but the sense of community and family I feel with the SSP team is amazing and irreplaceable! I also love telling people I’m a spokesmodel. It feels significant, and I know I’ll remember this experience forever.”

For her senior session, we wandered around Roosevelt row and into Revolver Records, finishing up in front of Luxe Coffee. We managed to incorporate all of her favorite things! I love the images of her looking through the record store; they have a really cool, urban vibe. Her boho, eclectic wardrobe was really fun to photograph, and I loved finding the right spots to showcase her special personality…it felt like a shoot with Urban Outfitters! After graduation, Saige plans to join an art program, or achieve her massage therapy license. She also hopes to travel, possibly taking a gap year to do so. I loved meeting her, and appreciated her bright, unique style and spirit…we laughed a lot on this session!

“I want to be remembered as someone who was nice to everyone and easy to have
a conversation. I don’t want anyone thinking I was unapproachable” -Saige, Team17

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