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Savannah | Senior Spokemodel | Arizona Senior Photographer

Sweet Savannah hails from Scottsdale Christian Academy, and I couldn’t be happier to have her on my squad this year! She is an amazing and strong athlete, as well as a well-rounded member of her community. “My biggest accomplishment in high school would be completing four triathlons since April of 2015! I became passionate bout triathlons last year, and began competing soon after”, she explained, “I know it is something that I want to keep participating in for many years”.

Her friends would describe her as “smart, athletic, easy to talk to, and adventurous”, and they’d be 100% right! She is also a basketball player, a swimmer, and she is very active at her church. After high school, she has a really cool ambition: “After high school, I want to embark on a sailship to follow the biblical journeys of Paul the Apostle in Greece, as part of a bible school I have always wanted to attend. After that, my hope is to be going to The University of Oregon and competing with their triathlete team.” She won’t stop there, adding, “The summer after my first year in college, I want to be a summer intern with an organization called Josiah Venture… taking part in leading a backpacking and outdoor wilderness camp in the mountains of Bulgaria. After I finish college I want to settle down and hopefully have a family of my own as long as do some long term mission work!” Whew! I love her driven spirit and sweet smile!



Savannah Sandi Shipley Seniors

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