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Sienna | Spokesmodel | Class of 2017 Seniors

What is it that’s so special about senior year? I think it’s a combination of the excitement of the future, and the celebration of the past. There’s just such an amazing amount of energy and fun that comes with senior year…it keeps me so excited to meet each one of these seniors and their families. Sienna is another one of my Sunnyslope spokesmodels, and has both impressive academics and athletics! She has received straight A’s in nearly all her honors and AP classes, and also received the honor of Most Valuable Player and the Player’s Choice Award for badminton. Besides being on the badminton team, she also participates in cheer, and is part of the Spanish Honor’s Society and Student Council. In her rare spare time she loves volunteering with her church, and has helped build homes in Rocky Point.

“I’d say my friends would probably describe me as happy, caring, intelligent and friendly”, she explained, “I am often told that I never stop smiling, and am very cheerful! I am always ready to make new friends and excited for new opportunities.” After graduation, she plans to attend college in-state for her undergrad degree, then apply at an Ivy League. “I really wanted to join the SSP Team17 because I love meeting new people, dressing up, and trying something new”, she says, “I love having a positive attitude, and try to not let anything ruin my happiness!” Sienna, I am proud of your huge heart for others and your high standards for your life and achievements! I’m so glad you’re on my team!

Sienna Team 17Sienna Team17

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