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Strong Beauty Campaign

Happy Galantine’s day to you from the girls of Team18! We spend so much of our year together playing dress up, I like to have a day that we focus on all the things that make them beautiful and strong, outside of clothes, make up or the opinions of others. We eat donuts, make Valentines cards and have some photo booth fun! We also do our Strong Beauty shoot. No make up, no photoshop, but lots of confidence and natural beauty. It was a fun day spent with the girls on my Senior Team that could make it out to our event.  I love these girls and have to say this is one of the favorite things I do every year with my Senior Team! Keep reading to hear what they had to say about what makes them feel their best, from sports to music and helping others.

Payton admitted it was a challenge to show up with out any make up on! When I asked her why she said “it was mostly because its a daily habit, and not many have seen me without it.” And what would she tell her younger self? I would tell myself not to worry so much about what people thought of you. The things that make her feel most beautiful are listening to positive music and doing things I love. She also said that her sister, Autumn, is someone she admires for living out what it means to be comfortable in your own skin. 

Paige had this to say “It doesn’t matter what people think of you, it matter what you think of yourself. It is important to love yourself for who you are! What makes me feel most beautiful is my smile. It is natural and is with you all the time. You always can smile whether you’re wearing makeup or not! I also feel beautiful when I am doing some of the things l like to do the most. I am athletic and I feel best when I can show that it’s okay to be sporty and strong and be beautiful at the same time.  I don’t really have a specific person that I admire for being comfortable in their own skin, but I admire everyone who does it. It is really important to love yourself for who you are!”
Claire woud tell herself to be kind and confident. Love your friends and your family and spend time with them as much as possible. She feels the most beautiful in clothes that represent her personality and that are comfortable and also when she is playing sports and exercising!!! When asked whom she admires most for living out of these beliefs, her mom!

Clare had these great things to say “I would tell my younger self that, above all else, don’t be afraid to be your own person. You will feel pressure to fit in with your peers- to dress, talk, and act the same way. The person you are becoming is amazing without the often negative influence of others. Confidence equals strength, so learn to love the person you are, not the person everyone tells you to be! I feel most beautiful when I am surrounded by my best friends and we’re all laughing really hard. This is when I feel like I’m apart of the best group of people and I feel more beautiful when I’m around the positive energy of others and letting off my own positive energy”

Katie had to say this “While beauty is usually connoted in a physical sense, I feel beautiful when I play the last note of my bass clarinet at a concert, or when I earn a good grade on a test. I feel beautiful when I help a patient at the hospital, or teach a student to read. It’s through my passions that I am able to express my beauty to the world, and bring happiness to myself and others.” Elizabeth shared that being around with her friends, playing percussion/bass in Band, and “successfully making people smile and laugh are what make me feel great and beautiful about myself.”

What do you do to celebrate Galentine’s day? Gather those girlfriends and make some time to head out to a movie, some pampering time or even a night in. Just as long as I you get to spend some time celebrating all the the things that make you unique and beautiful.

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